Bbox admin happens via the web interface exposed by the BMS. It's reachable on /admin path, port 443 (example: htts:// It offers a lot of knobs to configure, all using YAML, and following is just a few examples:

  • Turning VPN on or off

    BMS run a VPN service by default, which makes it convenient for Bbox units to be reachable from anywhere in the VPN tunnel. In addition, each Bbox has an option to turn this feature off.

    - name: Panoptix office
      bbox: d43b04d3a22f # Corresponds to hostname, which in turn corresponds to MAC address
      tenant: Default # For supporting multiple tenants in the same BMS
      vpn: true # Can be false in the case where VPN is not required
  • Changing VPN to use UDP, instead of TCP

    VPN is, by default, set up to run on top of TCP protocol. This is for maximum compatibility with firewall setting, but for better speed can be set to use UDP protocol instead. This is a global setting.

    vpn_on_udp: true
  • Changing default NTP servers

    Bbox comes with NTP enabled, to allow for accurate time reporting. But there are cases where the Bbox would not have such servers reachable, or there are better servers in-house, and for those, the defaults can be overridden.

      - custom-ntp-1 # must be IP address
      - custom-ntp-2