Bbox functions

All configuration is via Bbox Admin, a component of the BMS

  • system logger

    • All stdout and stderr of software is automatically sent to the system log, provided that it is managed by the service manager.

    • This service manager is used by Pipes, therefore all Pipe stdout and stderr is automatically sent to system logging.

    • This component can be configured to forward its logs to a remote location, which is configurable.

      There are 3 ways in which this could happen:

      • Insecure TCP traffic
      • Secure TCP traffic (note: BMS creates TLS files, and places them on the Bbox)
      • Inside a VPN tunnel (note: BMS runs the VPN server, and does all configuration so that the Bbox can connect)
    • Network speed throttling is also available, via BMS config.

    • The system logs can be set to persist across reboots.

  • VPN service

    • BMS runs the VPN server, and Bbox can be configured to join it.

    • Enabling VPN results in system logger data sent via the VPN tunnel, instead of directly. That means that the destination should also be part of the VPN, which happens automatically, and with a hardcoded URL (unless overridden).

    • VPN can be configured to run over TCP (more friendly to firewalls) or UDP (better quality connection).

  • Network interface config

    Bbox is automatically configured, depending on if it has 1, 2, or 4 network interfaces.

    • 1 interface

      This is for when span traffic is not needed.

    • 2 interfaces

      Interface 2 is for span traffic (by default). There is an option to configure split-brain, where interface connects with BMS, and interface 2 connects to the LAN. This is to accomodate environments where BMS traffic needs to be isolated from the local network.

    • 4 interfaces: Interface 3 and 4 are for bridge configuration (by default). When split-brain is configured, interface 3 is used for span traffic.

  • DNS setup

    This is set automatically, but can be overridden by custom nameservers.

  • Network hosts entries

    3 hosts entries are set automatically:

    • localhost
    • BMS
    • rabbitmq (the BMS instance)

    Additional ones can be added.

  • NTP

    Settings for NTP servers are done by the BMS, but can be overridden.

  • UI tool setup (more info)

    • The basic UI tool is automatically configured, to run on the tty, as well as on the serial port (the latter is only configured on devices that are capable).

    • The tool is also setup to be accessible via SSH, with a pre-determined password.