The Bbox is an appliance developed by Panoptix that can be run as either a hardware device or a virtual machine. The Bbox is the main infrastructure platform for Hotrod, but it is also easy to extend with additional functionality.

It is fully centrally managed by the Bbox Management Server (BMS) and can do this from a dedicated management network. This eases branch management but also improves security.

A small, secure and limited user interface provides diagnostic information and the ability to change some critical field-serviceable settings, but no more, cutting down on the need to have personnel be physically present to configure the appliances.

The Bbox software is provided as a fully automated installer in a standard ISO format, the only thing that a partner or end-user needs is validated hardware or a virtual machine.

The software can be downloaded out-of-band and needs no internet connection during installation which is ideal for security sensitive data-centers and remote locations with limited bandwidth.

A Bbox can scale from small IoT (Internet of Things) form-factors to large data-center ready servers. It can also be extended with radios (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), network interfaces and permanent storage.